Bani Brusadin


Troll Public Sphere.

Seminar – First session. October 29th 2015, 18:00h.
Bizkaia Arteoa, Abandoibarra etorbide 3, Sala Baroja, Bilbao.

In the age of mass media fakes, hoaxes and pranks proved to be effective tools to interfere with the normal, top-down propagation of knowledge. The invention of non existing events, the creation of improper identities and the manipulation and defacement of media messages were creative tactics adopted by artists and activists alike to confuse authorities or distracted observers. Those subtle (or not so subtle) symbolic assaults to the legitimacy of mass media were meant to provoke any type of otherwise inconceivable reactions and reopen a shrinking public sphere, poisoned by big-time political and economical interests. Now, what happened to those tactics in the age of Google, Wikipedia, social media and ubiquitous data control? How can temporary confusion be subversive in the age of information overload? How can identity play be liberating in a context where every move is tracked, always, everywhere and apparently for ever? (And, by the way, how is art possibly making a difference in such a scenario?).

Bani Brusadin is a researcher and cultural producer in the stormy waters where contemporary art, network technologies, popular culture and politics meet. In the past 15 years he has carried out various artistic and activist projects. Since 2004 he has co-directed “The Influencers” (, together with artists Eva and Franco Mattes, a festival that addresses non-conventional forms of art and communication. Since 2014, the festival has been a part of the European project “Masters & Servers” ( Bani is a lecturer at the University of Barcelona and he collaborates regularly with the Elisava School.

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