Daniel G. Andújar


Conversation with Sabina Sabolovic (WHW/What, How & For Whom) and Richard Huw Morgan:

Radio Symposium – The body responds.
Performance and talk. October 28th 2016.
Tabakalera, Plaza de las cigarreras, 1, Donostia-San Sebastián.
Dabadaba, Mundaitz Kalea, 8, Donostia-San Sebastián.
The body is a unique mechanism whose capacity to process enormous quantities of information is being extended daily by the information, communication, biological and mechanical technologies. The electronic panopticon is twofold: the body that produces, consumes, sends and receives is both watchful and watched. The prisoner of a hyper-connected tangle, woven of codes and mathematical formulae from which it is unable to escape, it is also a body that rebels, that struggles to create spaces of resistance to a system of standards and stereotypes. It attempts to escape from unilateral discourses, which deny participation or collective management, and to convert them into processes of emancipation. Interacting as a medium, the body is integrated in the mechanism of information transmission and its transformation into knowledge, to the point where we can also speak of a new era in terms of the body’s participation in, and interpretation of, the processes of shaping reality.
Mathematical knowledge (present in the algorithms that govern the Net) is a construct and, as such, is rebuilt on itself. We will be able to alter everything that we are capable of building. This extended body will become a strategic place of resistance to standardised interpretations of the mass media as machinery of capitalism’s control and mediation. The body’s reaction to the bombardment of news demonstrates its capacity of tension and resistance. The enunciation of the news item is conceived as a question and not as a fait accompli, as an open code and not as a predefined mathematical structure. The institution that contains the experiment, the container that houses the body, expresses itself not as an isolated aesthetic sphere, but as a structure connected to the surrounding society.
With actress Miren Gaztañaga and local groups:
Kepa Olaiz from ERRAUSKETAREN AURKAKO KOORDINAKUNDEA, Pedro Martín de las Heras from PLATAFORMA CIUDADANA STOP DESAHUCIOS DE GUIPUZCOA, Julen Izagirre from S.O.S RACISMO GUIPUZCOA, Amaia Laseras from ASOCIACIÓN ARRATS, Victoria Molina from COLECTIVO AFECTADOS POR LANBIDE, Soraya Ronquillo from BIDEZ-BIDE ELKARTEA, artist Oier Gil, artist Irati Inoriza and Leire Rodriguez from ULIAKO LORE BARATZAK EGITASMOA.
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Daniel G. Andújar (Almoradí, España, 1966) is a visual artist, theoretician and activist who works and lives in Barcelona. Through irony and using strategies presenting the new communication technologies, Andújar questions the democratic and egalitarian promises of these media and criticizes the will to control that they conceal behind their apparent transparency. Setting out from the verification that the new communication technologies are transforming our everyday experience, Daniel G. Andújar creates a fiction (Technologies To The People, 1996) with the goal of making us become aware of the reality that surrounds us and of the deceit of certain promises of free choice that irremissibly become new forms of control and inequality. He is a historical member of irational.org (an international referent of online art), founder of Technologies To The People and director of numerous projects on Internet like art-net-dortmund, e-barcelona.org, e-valencia.org, e-seoul.org, e-sevilla.org, e-stuttgart.org, postcapital.org, e-madrid.org, etc. He has directed workshops for artists and social collectives in numerous countries.
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