Histeria Kolektiboa

Radio Magazine.
Conversation. June 22nd 2016, 19h.
Azkuna Zentroa, Arriquíbar Plaza, 4, Bilbao.
Histeria is a collective made up of women. They are grouped around the axis of art/social transformation and are dedicated to cultural management. They are based in the San Francisco neighbourhood of Bilbao and operate in the Karpinteria. This is a hybrid between office, workshop and living-room where they organise, accompany and show different artistic expressions that are related to the scenic and visual arts, bodies and their politics. Histeria is one of the promoters in Bilbao of the Walking Reading Group, a project that facilitates the exchange of knowledge in an intimate and dynamic way by discussing texts while walking together. The Walking Reading Group is a project made possible by Lydia Ashman, Ania Bas and Simone Mair in collaboration with Zaramari and Histeria Kolektiboa.