Jeremy Deller

The Question: How (from your experience and perspective) do artistic practices create public sphere?

I suppose in the simplest way, when an artist makes a big sculpture that create a place where people congregate they add to this public quality of life in the public area. That’s the simple or traditional way. And then there is the other way, when artists make events and make things, work on projects that are not objects, or work with the public, you create a different kind energy with the public, you create a different kind of public life. You are asking the wrong person because I do it, I don’t really think about it, and I don’t really think about the legacy of the things I do or their effects. I just make it happen sometimes, if I’m lucky. I suppose artists also help the public to look at their surroundings more or differently, or look at their history differently or again, and that is another way of creating a common consciousness with the public.