Le Parody

Le ParodyWebCabecera
Radio Magazine.
Concert and conversation. June 22nd 2016, 19h.
Azkuna Zentroa, Arriquíbar Plaza, 4, Bilbao.
A singer and composer who combines dark pop, invented folklore and electronics in her songs, which “sound familiar” but “don’t resemble anything”. She became known in 2011 and at once became a focus of attention in the specialized press in Spain and Latin America. In 2012 she published Cásala (sound track), which was considered one of the most promising debuts of the year and received different independent music awards. Her latest full length disc, Hondo (2015), was described by Mondo Sonoro as “a popular anthology for robots and drones, for raver copleras, open minded modernícolas; penetrating into vocoder paradises, in the outskirts of our savage south, mixing dubtronics and nouvelle vague, saeta and EDM, Tuareg electronics and initiation in the malambo, peyote rituals and meditative sessions of rave yoga”.