Oier Iruretagoiena


Radio Symposium – Aldez kontra.
Sound intervention. October 28th 2016.
Tabakalera, Plaza de las cigarreras, 1, Donostia-San Sebastián.
From a hill near a city, we can hear the compact murmur created by the ensemble that blurs with the different sounds coming from below, in a constant flow that rises and falls. If we consider the speed of sound, and supposing that this hill is, for example, one kilometer from the city, each sound would need about 3 seconds to reach us, entangled in that murmur. This fact enables us to imagine the city’s constant emission. As if responding to a slap with another slap, we will oppose that flow with a counterflow, gathering up what the city emits and returning it from Tabakalera. And just as listening to a recording of one’s own voice causes estrangement, we will see what happens when we hear our usual cityscape recorded.

Oier Iruretagoiena (Errenteria, Gipuzkoa, 1988) develops his work midway between sculpture, sound and text. He obtained a degree in Fine Art from the University of the Basque Country (UPV-EHU) in 2011, and has had individual shows in the Carreras Múgica Contemporary Art Gallery in Bilbao (2015), Halfhouse in Barcelona (2014), the Casa de Cultura in Egia (2013) and the Montehermoso cultural centre in Vitoria-Gasteiz (2011). He has also presented his work at the Ertz Other Music Festival in Bera (2014), Zarata Fest in Bilbao (2011), Cicle HUM and L’ull cec in Barcelona (2010) and the Tuned City Festival in Berlin (2008). He is one of the coordinators of Le Larraskito Kluba (Bilbao), and a member of the group Arto Artian.
More pictures of Aldez Kontra by Oier Iruretagoiena at Radio Symposium LaPublika here.