Post-Conceptual Art Practice / PCAP


Radio Symposium – Change and Fluctuation.
Performance. October 28th 2016.
Tabakalera, Plaza de las cigarreras, 1, Donostia-San Sebastián.
Video and sound artists, rapper poetess, performers, and theory performers contribute to this collaborative group project, strongly connected with contemporary theory and interventional logic in the social and political spaces. It is inspired by the idea that art is not a tool that can simply be applied to a certain innocent process of production and distribution of images and knowledges, but rather has to be inderstood in relation with the cultural, the social and political realm and inform the ways in which we can function as responsible political subjects. In this project, rap, songs and discussions are connected to current political situations with different perspectives of sound, word and texts performances.
PCAP (Post-Conceptual Art Practice) develops a platform for discussion and conceptualization of different topics on art, culture and politics at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna.The work of PCAP consists in: an analysis of contemporary art in the context of global capitalism, Western democracy and imperialism/colonialism, informed by anti-racist policies; a criticism of the rising anti-Semitism in the context of Europe and the redefinition of new fascist movements throughout Europe; and developing artistic practices with trans-feminist and migrant queer positions. It includes research trips, platforms for community-based works, publishing projects and an intensified work on the degrees of every student, insisting on research and theory based processes of work.
With the participation of: EsRap (rapper), Betül Küpeli (space interventionist), Neda Hosseinyar (installation and text work), Erinmwionghae Aghator Clifford (analysis of  structural dispossession), Ezgi Erol (LGBT movements), Cecilia Tasso (video maker) and many others.
More pictures of PCAP at Radio Symposium LaPublika here.
Photograph: EsRap; project by Erinmwionghae Clifford, Hansel Sato, Naser Abuhelou, and many others; performance by Ezgi Erol; Gezi project, before and after organized by PCAP, 2016.