Pedagogies and the Public Sphere


Pedagogies and the public sphere. Coordinated by the Department of Education (Tabakalera).

Radio Symposium.
Intervention. October 28th 2016.
Tabakalera, Plaza de las cigarreras, 1, Donostia-San Sebastián.
We understand education, learning, doing with, to be a public sphere in itself. Moments for coexisting, reaching agreement or being in disagreement, organising a common space… The secondary school becomes something more than a public space, it a place where one learns to be, where society is generated and there is a potential for transformation. During the 2015-2016 school year we did a project with a group of pupils from 4th year ESO (Compulsory Secondary Education). We worked on the notion of the public sphere, focusing on the moment of the walk to school as a place in-between. Next, in the framework of the radio symposium, a public presentation was made of the actions developed in the Oianguren Secondary School in Ordizia, with the presence of pupils and teachers who took part and the working group from LaPublika. The presentation was accompanied by a dynamics/action workshop that worked on these questions organised by architecture students who are also part of this working group.

Ana Revuelta (group coordinator from the Tabakalera Mediation Section). Educator from the Tabakalera mediation team (since 2013). Member of the collective Artaziak arte-hezkuntza ekimenak (since 2008), which has developed mediation projects in spaces like the Montehermoso Cultural Centre, DSS2016 Hazitegiak, Azkuna Zentroa, Sala Rekalde and the Oteiza Museum.
Maider López (San Sebastián, 1975). The artist Maider López develops her work by intervening in the public space and architecture. Her works often require the participation of the spectator, whose involvement is obtained by making him or her part of a subtly altered space. Her work has been widely shown nationally and internationally, for example at the biennials of Venice, Istanbul and Sharjah.
Leticia Aristi. Secondary school teacher in the areas of artistic, visual and plastic education. She has a degree in Fine Arts. She is currently participating in working groups on artistic education and mediation such as ARTikertuz in the University of the Basque Country (Donostia Teachers’ Training School), the Ikusten-Ikasten workgroup linked to audiovisuals set up by the Tabakalera Mediation Section.
Koldo Telleria Andueza. Architect and member of Hiria Kolektiboa (2002 – 2012), a working group involved in criticism and reflection on urbanism with a social, gender and sustainability perspective.
Professor at the architecture school of the University of the Basque Country (Gipuzkoa Campus).
Currently a member of the studio A9 Arkitektura eta Hirigintza based in Donostia.
Mireia Baz Mangana (formed part of the group in 2015). Educator and pedagogue. Member of the Txatxilipurdi association. This is an association for free-time education and mediation that has developed different projects such as Haurrasate (a project for rethinking common spaces in Arrasate as spaces for playing and education) or Berramesten (a project for rethinking and co-designing a day centre for children).
She is currently working on the OinHerri initiative (Herri Hezitzailea Eskola Herritarra).
More pictures of Team Pedagogies and the Public Sphere at Radio Symposium LaPublika here.