Sangre Fucsia


Radio Symposium – Creative Feminism Had a Price.
Radiophonic intervention. October 28th 2016.
Tabakalera, Plaza de las cigarreras, 1, Donostia-San Sebastián.
Setting out from feminist critique, Sangre Fucsia addresses the artistic practices proper to the herstory of occupying the street in order, from that perspective, to reflect on the strategies of co-opting discourses practiced by companies, institutions and individuals that see in feminism no more than a brand, a fashion; an instrument for “brainwashing” the senses, providing symbolic capital, a nutrient of this creative class to which we all belong.
Sangre Fuscia (Fuchsia Blood) is the viscera, the punch, the haemorrhage. “We love the radio as a channel for hearing, communicating and uniting. We need to listen and produce live radio, in front of microphones, messing up the technical controls and using only voice and sound to share everything that we consider interesting and transcendent, and that is happening very close by, around us. The desire to do radio is visceral, as strong and intense as blood; and dyed in a fuchsia that includes and goes beyond feminist violet, anarcho-syndicalist red and black, LGBT pink, the rainbow. Fuchsia relates us to all those struggles, but in our own way, always based on self-criticism and humour.
As part of the recovery of the central “herstory” in our method of confronting reality, Sangre Fucsia proposes to save all those women from invisibility who made resistance their banner. A program that we will dedicate to resurrecting those forgotten women through our voices.
More pictures of Sangre Fucsia at Radio Symposium LaPublika here.