The Loaf

Radio Symposium.
Dinner. October 28th 2016.
Dabadaba, Mundaitz Kalea, 8, Donostia-San Sebastián.
We started in 2009 with Ibán Yarza’s bread courses in The Glutton Club. In 2011, using the brand name Glutton Books, we published the Spanish edition of “Hecho a mano” (Hand Made), which is a reference book for bread-making enthusiasts. In 2012, together with the book’s author, international bread guru Dan Lepard, we opened THE LOAF in-a-box. THE LOAF in-a-box was a temporary baker’s shop, planned for three months, in San Sebastián.
Fighting on all possible fronts, we continue to open up initiatives, establishments and collaborations to achieve our goal: to have a better knowledge of the bread we eat every day and ensure that it is of excellent quality.
These are the mother ships of THE LOAF, where we knead, shape, bake and sell real bread. A meeting place where you can also eat and drink and where we even help you to improve your skills at making homemade bread.