Tremenda Jauría

Tremenda Jauría web2

Radio Symposium.
Concert. 28th October 2016.
Dabadaba, Mundaitz Kalea, 8, Donostia-San Sebastián.
From the heart of Madrid, this band arrives with the intention of breaking preconceptions and moving hips. With a good drum kit of tropical sounds, Tremenda Jauría takes up rhythms like cumbia, reggaeton, merengue and moombahton; a festive cocktail that is joined to a genuinely combative discourse. Barely one year since its formation, when they launched their first song Guerrillerxs Madriz on the Net, Tremenda Jauría has appeared on numerous stages throughout the Peninsula, impregnating itself with musics, places and people. Last May 3rd their first LP was released, Mordiendo, a tremendous disc with the de luxe collaboration of the Cubans Krudxs Cubensis and the Argentinians El Chavez, proving to be one of the surprises of 2016.
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